11 Apr

LIPOR – 40 years reinventing tomorrow!


LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities, over four decades of activity, have developed an Integrated Waste Management System, always in line with the most modern policies, guidelines, and trends in the field. That System translates into LIPOR's current Circular Management Model, a model that privileges the Prevention and reintroduction of waste, as resources in the Value Chain and that allows us to evolve into a Product Producer concept, generating and sharing value.

We don't always remember this, but we've all made a path to get where we are. We were the child that woke up to a new day with all the energy in the world because we wanted to change it. And LIPOR has been changing…

40 years of life, in which we all renewed ourselves in some way and LIPOR was no exception.

40 years of life, in which we reinvent ourselves every day.

40 years of life, in which we change perspectives and renew mentalities, for a better world.

40 years reinventing tomorrow!

In 40 years, at Lipor we have changed a lot and the world has changed extraordinarily more. And do you know what we can guarantee?
We repeated everything, even everything - maybe even more - for a better world.

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