20 Jun

LIPOR's Asset Bank reinforces the Reuse axis

LIPOR's Goods Bank is based on our commitment to Waste Prevention. With the Goods Bank we intend to promote the reuse of goods belonging to LIPOR, such as furniture and equipment, either internally or through their donation to social entities, thus promoting a more sustainable use of resources. 

With the Goods Bank we intend to:
  • Foster the fight against waste and more sustainable use of resources;
  • Create a culture of reuse among employees;
  • Avoid costs for the Organisation when acquiring new goods and equipment;  
  • Use reuse as a form of social support, contributing to a more sustainable community, quantifying the impact of the initiative.

We want to generate a positive impact on the environmental, social and economic pillars, contributing to a more Circular Community through the sustainable management of LIPOR's fixed assets.

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