22 Jun

Sustainability Within Doors in the Municipality of Maia

Maia for Climate: Local Strategy, Global Change Campaign

The campaign "A Maia Pelo Clima Local Strategy, Global Change:", resulted from the approval of the application "Actions of communication, dissemination and awareness on risks associated with climate change", presented to POSEUR.

The application falls within the priority axis: "promoting adaptation to climate change and risk prevention and management" and meets the objectives recommended by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Strategic Framework for Climate Policy and Commitment to Green Growth.

The campaign aims to promote knowledge in the area of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, providing for the dissemination of a message that involves citizens and leads them to be part of the solution - a key requirement for the success of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This operation is based on changing habits and behavior in a collective environment and is aimed at various target audiences, namely the school population, the Town Hall employees, the main local agents and citizens in general.

The Campaign unfolded in several actions:
  • Training/Awareness Raising Sessions | Workshops (6 sessions) - Dynamising actions to capacitate and integrate local actors and the community in general for the theme, promoting and deepening their knowledge, through a fundamental base of knowledge in this area, as well as of the risks and mitigation and adaptation measures in progress in the Municipality.
  • Theoretical and practical activities to raise awareness - 20 sessions (Target Public: School-age children and youths - 2nd and 3rd cycle of basic education) - development of actions with an initial theoretical component of training/awareness-raising of students, followed by a set of practical and recreational activities to apply the knowledge acquired.
  • Image competition (Target Public: Students of secondary school age) - image competition for students to register/illustrate images corresponding to situations associated with the risks and vulnerabilities of the territory of the Municipality of Maia to Climate Change.
  • Interactive Digital Exhibition (Target Public: General Population) - Digital exhibition on Climate Change, with an itinerant character, in order to bring the visiting public closer to the issue in question, using strong visual communication, contributing to the promotion of environmentally sustainable and effective behaviors. 
  • Demonstration Space | Interactive Panel - Demonstration space allusive to the Climate Change theme, based on interactive digital structures. 
  • Climate Change Platform - A platform that is a repository of information about Climate Change, becoming an important link with the public and a privileged vehicle for communication. 

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