29 Jun

LIPOR leaves its mark at QSP Summit 2022 and also promotes Recycling

Once again, LIPOR was present at the most relevant Marketing and Management Conference in Europe, hosting global leaders that set trends - the QSP Summit.

In 2022, the Conference's motto is "Building Sustainable Growth", a theme perfectly aligned with the Organisation's Strategy.

On 29 and 30 June, Conference participants and guests have the opportunity to interact with the quiz "Don't waste what you know!" and test their knowledge about the Organization, namely about some ongoing projects. In view of the answers, they are also invited to participate in a Dexterity Game which is based on hitting a coloured ball into the respective Ecobin.

Aware that the issues related to waste recycling and recovery still raise several questions, during the entire conference, the stand's monitors made participants aware of this issue while clarifying their doubts, inviting them to enter a 360º immersion and understand that waste is a resource.

But LIPOR's participation in the QSP Summit goes beyond our exhibition space. Ecobins and waste recycling equipment were placed in the food court, in order to fight waste production and promote recycling.

Moreover, on 29 June, LIPOR also presented its Sustainability strategy at the conference's Business Stage.

The participation in this event is an added value for the reinforcement of LIPOR's brand awareness and recognition.

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