28 Nov 2022

LIPOR hosted the general assembly of the H2020 project HOOP

On the 23rd and 24th of November, LIPOR hosted the 3rd general assembly of the HOOP project.

This project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, creates a network of "lighthouse regions” for large-scale circular urban bioeconomy initiatives, focused on the development of bio-based products from bio-waste and wastewater. Greater Porto is one of the 8 "lighthouse regions” of HOOP, through the participation of LIPOR in the project.

The 3rd general assembly of HOOP, marking the half of the project period, was attended by representatives of 21 consortium partners, from 9 European countries.

On the 23rd, the works were carried out at the Porto Innovation Hub, under the coordination of the leading entity of the consortium, CETENMA. The situation and future objectives of the various project activities were presented, with special emphasis on the plans for Project Development Assistance for Bioeconomy projects that will be provided to the 8 lighthouse regions.

On the 24th, the works were carried out at LIPOR, which presented its the work and strategy for innovation, communication and bio-waste management. The partners visited LIPOR’s composting unit and Horta da Formiga. Also, three members of the HOOP network of cities and regions (CIMAC, CM Lisboa and Valorsul) presented the work that they are developing concerning bio-waste.

Biowaste Club

Complementary to the general assembly, on the afternoon of the 24th, LIPOR held a Biowaste Club event under the theme "From Bio-waste to Bioproducts”. The Biowaste Club was attended by 31 participants including HOOP partners and representatives of key entities of the biowaste value chain in Greater Porto. The Biowaste Club featured the presentation of case studies by 4 HOOP partners (CETAQUA, CSCP, Munster and Murcia) and a showcase and participatory dynamic concerning 4 products based on biowaste.

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