11 Jan

With the full opening of Parque Aventura, citizens responded in the best way!

The year that has just ended was a packed year for LIPOR's Environmental Education Team and for everyone who had the opportunity to visit the Adventure Park. We had such diverse activities at the Park, such as the Foam Fest, the Bioblitz, the CineEco Extension and the Halloween, all of them with a participation and involvement of the communities that left us very happy. Thank you to everyone who answered to our challenges!

Throughout the year, 94 activities were organized at LIPOR's Adventure Park and Ecological Trail, many of them only possible with the involvement and commitment of our partners. And the community responded in the best way, with the participation of 34,968 people, who brought joy and color to a space for leisure, contemplation, education and reflection, and which is also a clear example of environmental renaturalization and the return of degraded areas to the population.

And with their presence the community also contributed to the greater cause of Recycling, since the "symbolic cost" of admission to the Park's initiatives are materials to recycle. And here too, the citizens were exemplary, allowing about 35 tons of materials to be sent for recycling.

And now, as we enter 2023, it is time, not only to thank you, but to start preparing for this new year. We want to pick all the work done and understand what the community expects from this new year. And for that, the opinion of those who visited us and closely experienced LIPOR's Adventure Park and Eco-Trail program is essential.

Leave your suggestions and comments on LIPOR's Adventure Park Facebook page and follow all the news that will be waiting for you, so that we can keep growing together!

THANK YOU for your involvement!

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