18 Jan

Sogama and LIPOR analyze the possibility of submitting joint applications on waste management to POCTEP 2021-2027

Sogama and LIPOR have met to analyze the possibility of submitting joint applications regarding waste management to POCTEP (Interreg Spain-Portugal Cross-border Cooperation Program (POCTEP) 2021-2027). During this meeting, which took place in Porto, Sogama's General Director, Mirta Sueiro, and LIPOR's Managing Director, Fernando Leite, discussed the content of the possible projects, whose main goals would be to increase recycling and the decarbonization of both entities' industrial processes. In this sense, the proposals and initiatives would be framed within the Circular Economy Action Plan and the European Green Pact, whose main goal is to put the European Union on the path to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Since waste management has a significant weight in the fight against climate change, this collaboration is part of Sogama and LIPOR's common goal to achieve a more sustainable and efficient waste treatment, with a greater social projection, capable of generating more green jobs.

For these two entities, the commitment to continuous improvement and innovation occupies an important place, hence the commitment to disruptive projects for a more sustainable waste management and the importance of Innovation in their strategies.

This partnership between Sogama and LIPOR follows on from previous joint work, such as the European waste management project Res2ValHum "Valorisation of organic waste: production of humic substances", framed within the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020, which focused on the promotion of industrial composting as an organic waste management tool.

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