08 May

(Im)Probable Partnerships: Futebol Clube do Porto into Prevention

The LIPOR Waste Observatory is a Portal with up-to-date and reliable statistical information on the management and treatment of urban waste in our intervention area.

This Observatory integrates an area dedicated to the reporting of Waste Reduction and Reuse indicators, which includes materials from different waste fractions: Bio-waste (food and garden) and Multi-material (paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, wood, electrical equipment and electronics, textiles, among others).

This area results from a set of projects/initiatives developed by LIPOR or by Partners and share the same objective: to constitute a local network with the objective of extending the useful life of these materials. These are the "(Im)Probable Partnerships!”

Futebol Clube do Porto is LIPOR's most recent partner as part of this local network where the common link is the Prevention of Waste Production! In the sports area there are multiple options to reduce the waste of resources and pave the way for the creation of trends. From measures to fight food waste to the reuse of materials, Futebol Clube do Porto stands out and is a pioneer!

Learn more about our network of Partners and our impact on the LIPOR Waste Observatory

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