09 May

Do you belong to an organization that repairs and reconditions electrical and electronic equipment?

You have received this invitation in the context of a study called "Socio-economic impact of refurbishment and repair of electronics and electric appliances”. This independent study is developed by Technopolis Group in cooperation with Circle Economy. It is funded by EUREFAS, the European Refurbishment Association, members of EUREFAS, Runder Tisch Reparatur (Germany) and members of the European Right to Repair campaign. Technopolis will use the information only for the purpose of the data collection and consolidation exercise foreseen in the framework of this study.

The study aims to provide a baseline and a forecasting assessment of the repair and refurbishment market in terms of jobs and businesses in the EU, today and in 2030.

The short-term objectives of the study are to:
  • Promote a discussion on the economic potential of refurbishment and repair;
  • Provide a credible baseline and reference estimate on the jobs and economic activity within the sector.

The assignment focuses on the consumer electronics and electrical appliances market for the EU 27 and the UK. The product scope is focused on consumer electronic and electric appliances (household appliances, televisions, mobile phones, watches, tablets, laptops and computers).

To take part in this important study, you only need to fill out the questionnaire available through this link: https://technopolisgroup.limequery.org/312955

Together, we will support the transition to a more Circular Economy!

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