23 May

Celebrating its eighth anniversary, LIPOR Academy opens its doors

On May 11, 2015, an old dream of LIPOR was attained – to be a vehicle for the dissemination of quality and easily accessible knowledge materialized in the LIPOR Academy.

Eight years on and we can proudly say that we are on the right track. With four active axes – Advanced Training, Technical Training, Bio Training and Tailored Solutions – and with Certified training, the LIPOR Academy has promoted over these years 352 courses, which totalled 2873 hours of training, ranging from the creative reuse of waste, to the principles of the circular economy, passing through areas as diverse as recycling, marine litter and syntropic agriculture, to mention just a few.

The tailor-made training area has also been a cornerstone of the LIPOR Academy, with the organization and promotion of tailor-made training for the organizations that seek us out. Alongside these actions, we could not fail to mention the LIPOR University, an advanced training course that gives recent graduates a more practical and future-oriented perspective, promoting the development of their own environmental projects.

In the end, 8486 trainees passed through LIPOR Academy, both online and in person, who are also to be congratulated and who are, without a doubt, part of the success of this project.

The accomplishment of this project would not have been possible without our training partners, of which we would like to highlight DGERT, the FEFAL Foundation and the Order of Engineers. They too are to be congratulated.

To mark the eighth anniversary, the LIPOR Academy will open its doors, eight open days, one per month, until the end of the year where you can get to know the LIPOR Academy from the inside, from our facilities to the training courses. Don't miss it!

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