19 Sep 2023

LIPOR's Environmental Education teams are preparing for a new visit circuit

Did you know that the plastic and metal packaging you put in the yellow bin must be further separated? Dropping them off at the recycling bins is the first stage in the recycling process. From here, the materials go to the Sorting Plant to be sorted into different types so that they can be transformed into raw materials which, in turn, will be used to produce new objects. Who knows, it might even arrive at your home in the form of a flowerpot. So, your gesture can make this idea grow!

Innovation is part of LIPOR's DNA and is responsible for the fact that we invest in transformation every day.

With this in mind, our TECHNICAL TEAM is preparing a new tour to the latest Automatic Packaging Sorting Plant. On 24 July 2023 we got to know this new Plant in detail.

We are all involved in the collection, treatment and valorisation of resources, working in favour of the environment. A collaboration that nature is grateful for!

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