19 May

Renovated LIPOR Observatory - you cannot manage what you cannot measure

Reliable and updated information is essential nowadays and making this information available in a timely manner is part of our way of relating to stakeholders, with all transparency. This is how the LIPOR Waste Observatory was born, a public access portal to updated statistical information on waste reception and management at our facilities.

In this portal, statistical data are presented since the year 2017, allowing the user to perform an interactive search with different levels of detail of statistical information, such as by Municipality, by material flow, by final destination, among others.

At the same time, it is possible to monitor, live, the fulfillment of the national goals defined for LIPOR and the goals of its Associated Municipalities, according to what is established in PERSU 2020 and PAPERSU.

Despite maintaining the same image, the LIPOR Observatory has undergone several changes in terms of support databases, allowing faster and more reliable access to information. The content on the portal remains quantitative, and information can be checked through tables, graphs, and images.

Educating, training, sharing information and knowledge are LIPOR commitments.

The LIPOR observatory will be available in English soon.

Visit the LIPOR Observatory.

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