16 Oct 2020

"Embrulha." Project (Wrap it.) arrives at Póvoa de Varzim restaurants!

Póvoa de Varzim municipality, in partnership with Lipor, reinforces its performance in terms of reducing food waste and advances with "Embrulha.”. The motto is simple: Who does not eat everything, Embrulha. (Wrap it.!

Going to lunch and dinner at a restaurant and your leftovers end up in the trash is no longer an excuse! With "Embrulha.” the aim is to promote the reduction of food waste by making biodegradable packaging available to participating restaurants for free, encouraging their customers to adopt sustainable consumption habits.

When we waste food, we are also wasting resources as important as nutrients, soil, water, labour, among others, so it is important that we all adopt more vigilant behaviours against waste.

The "Embrulha." it was developed to revive the culture of enjoying what we ordered, but we ended up not consuming at the restaurant, taking advantage of what is left, ensuring that food is transported with quality and safety. The "Embrulha." it has proved to be a successful response to the reduction of food waste in the catering sector.

Thus, in 2020, Póvoa de Varzim City Council, LIPOR and APHORT joined forces and launched "Embrulha." in 50 restaurants in Póvoa de Varzim municipality.

Do not forget! Did you go out for dinner or lunch? Did not eat everything? So, "Wrap it up."!

Download: Press Release (319.76 KB)
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