23 Sep 2020

Embrulha. (wrap it) Project launched today to Maia Municipality in the “Gastronomic Weekends 2020”

Tourism, Local Gastronomy, Tradition and Sustainability were the motivations for the public event on September 22 for the launch of the Embrulha. (wrap it) project in the Municipality of Maia.

In 2020, the Maia City Council, in partnership with Lipor and Maiambiente, joined efforts to make the "Gastronomic Weekends 2020” an event where sustainability is present. For the first time in the municipality, the project Embrulha. from Lipor will be implemented and at the same time the Multimaterial Selective Collection (Plastic and Metallic Packaging, Paper / Cardboard and Glass) and Food Waste will be boosted and reinforced by Maiambiente at the participating restaurants.

The Embrulha. aims to promote the reduction of food waste by making biodegradable packaging available to participating restaurants free of charge, encouraging its customers to bring home their leftovers and adopt sustainable consumption habits.

The Tourism Strategy 2027 points to Gastronomy and Wines as a strategic asset that qualifies the destination, which enriches the tourist experience and adds value to the tourist offer in the territory. The involvement with the Tourist Trade (subsectors that make up tourism), namely in the restaurant sector, is one of the objectives of the Tourism Department of the Maia City Council, which aims to contribute to the economic growth of tourism activity in the territory of Maia.

For this project Gastronomic Weekends 2020, Maia intends to differentiate itself, promoting the social and economic sustainability of the municipality and including good environmental practices during the event.

Thus, in addition to the entertainment activities suggested for the 15 participating restaurants, at dinner on the 25th and 26th of September and at lunch on the 27th, there will be other activities that aim to complement the existing offer and position the event in line with the sustainability policies of the Municipality.

In Maia Municipality, Embrulha. Is here to stay! Do you have a restaurant in Maia and are interested in the project? Contact us and start now to have a space where sustainability is a differentiating factor!

And don’t forget! Did you go out for dinner or lunch? Didn't eat everything?
Then, wrap it up!

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