24 May 2021

Há Rio e Mar, Há Lixo para Transformar is LIPOR's project to change behaviour and prevent marine litter

Committed to changing the behaviour of citizens, showing that marine litter starts with the choices we make at home and that it is imperative to preserve the oceans, LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities launch the campaign "Há Rio e Mar, Há Lixo para Transformar” (There’s river and there’s see, there ‘s waste to transform)

Aware of the reciprocity that must exist between Man and Nature, LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities, in partnership with IPDJ (Portuguese Youth Institute), launched the project "Há Rio e Mar, Há Lixo para Transformar” (There’s river and there’s sea, there ‘s waste to transform), focused on the motto "Nature gives us life. And you? What do you give back?”, with the goal of giving back to nature what nature lends us.

Since man is the main cause of environmental problems and the largest producer of waste that, if not recycled and properly treated, will certainly end up in rivers, seas and oceans, it is crucial to raise awareness of the negative impact of individual acts, raise awareness of the urgent need for a change in global behaviour and inform about best practices for preservation, sustainability and environmental management available.

All that Nature offers us is a loan and, therefore, the protection and prevention of marine resources are a mutual effort that LIPOR understands as an act of reciprocity.

Thus, the "Há Rio e Mar, Há Lixo para Transformar” project considers a set of actions aimed at raising awareness, information and literacy about the Oceans, such as:

        Good Practice Guide, which you can now check at http://bit.ly/guia-verao-azul (document in Portuguese);

        Training Actions for a Sustainable Ocean (Sessions in Portuguese), with information available at https://www.lipor.pt/pt/academia-lipor/formacao-tecnica/;

        Beach awareness campaigns*;

        Clean Beach Races (Plogging Actions)*;

        Exhibition of short films and debate on the theme*;


        Virtual visits to the LIPOR Ecological Trail Interpretative Circuit*

        Among other activities.

* Information available soon.

All initiatives involve different audiences and bring them face to face with the problem of marine litter, promoting the opportunity to become agents of change.

You can follow the project at http://bit.ly/ha-rio-e-mar.

"Há Rio e Mar, Há Lixo para Transformar", is a project under the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Program 'Environment Program', of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021- Small Grants Scheme #1.

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