07 Oct 2020

LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities donate 41 thousand euros in equipment, resulting from the selective door-to-door collection project DAR+ (recycle is to give more)

In 2019, LIPOR and Associated Municipalities received 2.722 tons of materials (paper, plastic, glass, green waste and organic waste) resulting from selective door-to-door residential collection.

These values are the result of the municipalities and their citizens effort, to fulfil the goals that were established within the scope of selective door-to-door residential collection projects implementation. Thus, there is an increase in the amount of materials sent to recycle and to compost and, consequently, a reduction in unnecessary consumption of virgin raw materials.

This is a service that belongs to everyone and has an impact on the environment and the community. Depending on the amount of recyclable material received we attribute a benefit to a Social Causes that support the community of each municipality, which is donated in goods.

This year were delivered 41 thousand euros in equipment to the following entities:

  • Cruz Vermelha de Espinho;
  • Corporações de bombeiros do município de Gondomar;
  • Associação Rumo à Vida;
  • Lar Missionários do Sofrimento de Águas Santas;
  • Somos nós – Associação para autonomia e integração de jovens deficientes;
  • Corporação de bombeiros da Póvoa de Varzim;
  • Corporações de bombeiros do município de Valongo;
  • Corporação de bombeiros do município de Vila do Conde;

In general, individual protection equipment, various orthopedic materials were delivered, as well as equipment to improve the operating conditions of certain beneficiary institutions.

With the motto "Reciclar é Dar +" (Recycling is Giving+), this selective collection scheme is based on a positive approach to people with a proactive door-to-door contact. This specific municipal waste collection system presents both individual (functional and financial) and social benefits: proximity, comfort, sustainability and solidarity.

After all, Recycling is Giving+.

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