09 Jun

LIPOR awarded two prizes at the WELLBEING AWARDS 2022

Best Wellbeing PROGRAM and Best Mental Emotional Health STRATEGY awarded to LIPOR

The first edition of the Wellbeing Awards took place last June 8, an initiative by Workwell, AGIS - Association for Health Management and Innovation and Aon Portugal, with the purpose of "recognising actions and programmes developed by organisations that promote the well-being, health and happiness of their employees."

LIPOR was awarded two prizes in this edition of the WELLBEING AWARDS 2022: Best Wellbeing PROGRAM and the Best Mental Emotional Health STRATEGY.

"For LIPOR, to participate in the Wellbeing Awards is an opportunity to disseminate the work done and, at the same time, reinforce the importance of continuous improvement and of working with our partners to promote the health and well-being of our employees." said José Manuel Ribeiro, LIPOR’s President of Board.

More and more companies in Portugal are becoming aware of the need to promote the health and well-being of their employees, by developing specific policies in this area. The development of this type of policy should be understood as a fundamental part of business strategy. When the objective is to improve the physical and mental health of the employees, the company should get involved and align the wellbeing vision throughout the company's management, even from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective.

In Portugal, this is a fast-growing area, as organisations have become aware of the degree of responsibility in the quality of life of their employees, which will naturally have positive consequences for the company and for society.

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