16 Sep 2020

LIPOR celebrates 15 years of Soil Valorization

LIPOR's Composting Plant received and recovered, in its 15 years of activity, 647,608 tons of food waste and green waste.

In fact, 15 years ago, LIPOR and its associated Municipalities started a differentiating project that left a mark on waste management and soil protection in Portugal, - "Industrial Composting" made from the selective collection of bio-waste.

The Composting Plant is driven by a set of selective collection circuits promoted by LIPOR and its associated Municipalities. These circuits range from selective door-to-door collection in households, to collection in canteens and restaurants, including markets, and large producers, allowing the collection of bio-waste with a high quality and without contaminants, producing a compost of excellent quality - NUTRIMAIS.

But the work of LIPOR and its Municipalities, in these 15 years, didn’t end here, having been promoted a set of parallel projects with the objective of promoting, for example, the reduction of food waste and boosting the return to soil of organic matter that improves it.

So, Embrulha. (wrap it) and Dose Certa (Right Amount) are projects to prevent the production of waste in restaurants and canteens, which promote the full consumption of meals, minimizing waste, avoiding its incineration, or landfilling.

At the same time, betting on the decentralized management of green and food waste, the promotion of the Home Composting project has been a preferred way of treating this type of waste locally. Within the scope of this project, LIPOR has already delivered 15,532 domestic composters and 67 community composters to the citizens of its 8 Municipalities, allowing the local recovery of more than 6,500 tons of bio-waste/year.

Obviously, these results would not be possible without the effort of our associated Municipalities, either in the setting up of infrastructures, in the optimization of waste collection circuits, or in raising community awareness.

And of course, citizens have also contributed and participated in an increasingly exemplary manner in the various projects developed, thus increasing the quantities of recovered materials, decreasing waste, and also contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions.


At LIPOR, with our associated Municipalities and with citizens, we continue to work so that bio- waste is no longer deposited in landfills and can be returned to the soil, valuing it! This is a clear example that waste can increasingly become a resource, enhancing and promoting the Circular Economy, also in Waste Management.

15 years of value! We value for you, we value for the soils! We value for the Planet!

2020 year of celebrating excellence!

Main data from 15 years of activity at the Composting Plant:

  • Valued food waste: 334,229 tons
  • Green waste recovered: 313,378 tons
  • NUTRIMAIS produced: 132,753 tons
  • Avoided CO2eq emissions: 50,064 tons

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