12 Nov 2021

LIPOR celebrates 39 years of activity

Founded in 1982 as an Association of Municipalities, LIPOR – Greater Porto Intermunicipalized Waste Management Service – comprises 8 Municipalities: Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde. Today, November 12th, the Organization celebrates 39 years of activity.

The main focus of this activity is on the management, recovery and treatment of urban waste produced by the associated municipalities. At the same time, we continue to share good practices, complemented with awareness campaigns among the population.

Every year, LIPOR treats about 500 thousand tons of urban waste produced by about 1 million inhabitants. In 2020, the company did not stop its activity, even during a pandemic.

An important repository of the Organization's activity is the edition of the Integrated Annual Report, which for 2020 presented excellent results: a turnover of over 47 million euros and an investment of around 2 million euros in interventions to enhance the community. However, what stands out most in this 2020 record is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 23%, compared to 2006, showing that LIPOR is in line with the environmental concerns that dominate the world today, as verified in the COP26, which took place in Glasgow and brought together leaders from around the world.

Based on its business philosophy in waste management, in fulfilling the mission of transforming waste into new resources by implementing innovative and circular practices, LIPOR approved a 10-year climate change mitigation strategy and assumed the commitment to reduce emissions 30% of greenhouse gases by 2030. The pillars "less waste" and "less carbon" aim at efficient management of resources, increased energy efficiency of processes, a commitment to the prevention and recycling of waste to achieve a circular business template. The axes "more climate" and "more biodiversity" reveal LIPOR's commitment to adapting to evident climate changes.

With nearly 4 decades of existence, LIPOR is committed in the coming years to work for a sustainable future for all citizens, through multimaterial recovery, organic recovery and energy recovery of urban waste, based on the projection of a model business circular, as well as acting in favour of a planet that creates quality living conditions for the living beings that inhabit it.

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