30 Jun

LIPOR cheers the new Climate Law

LIPOR, an inter-municipal waste management company, expresses its support and consonance with the decision of the European Union Council (EU) which approved, last June 28th, the European Climate Law.

"LIPOR's strategy for 2021 echoes in this European legislation now approved. The company is committed to contributing to this joint effort, with the design of a strategy, which we call the "4M Strategy”, converging with the European goals and based on 4 axes”, underlined the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LIPOR, Aires Pereira.

LIPOR's evolution framework for the next decade stands on Less Waste, through the efficient management of resources and a circular economic model; Less Carbon, converging towards decarbonization and energy transition; More Climate, embracing the European commitment; More Biodiversity, promoting biodiversity in the context of its activity.

LIPOR is, therefore, in line with the most outstanding concerns of European institutions in matters of environmental protection, of which this Climate Law is an example, and marks this attitude with the investment in projects for the selective collection of waste and reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, among others.

For LIPOR, the Climate Law treasures the objective of climate neutrality until 2050 for the European economy and society, established in the European Ecological Pact (European Green Deal).

This important piece of legislation binds the entire European space to climate neutrality, which means that all EU countries will have, in 2050, net zero emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).

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