22 Jun

LIPOR marks an Energia L moment, another step towards the promotion of a participative culture within the organisation

During the last year, LIPOR has been developing and implementing an internal strategic communication programme, with the purpose of fostering a culture of participation and involvement of all the organisation's employees.

On 20 June last, we had another moment of sharing together, as the culmination of the work developed in the strategic sessions in May. In these sessions, brainstorming activities and multidisciplinary team work were developed in order to jointly define the main activities and projects to be developed in the coming years, always in line with the strategic goals and the main guidelines for the future of the organisation.

The internal event Energia L, intended for all our employees, also aimed to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a common project.

In this event, LIPOR's purpose "Every day we work for a Better World!" was reinforced, so that all employees feel an integral and fundamental part of a larger project. Each one of us counts and the Energy of each one (L Energy) is fundamental for the success of all.

This event was attended by our Board of Directors, which was keen to participate in this different day for LIPOR. According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Manuel Ribeiro "today's LIPOR is a work painted by several hands and each person's mark makes the difference. We have a unique work of excellence, the fruit of our L Energy!".

In the end, the image of the Energia L project was reproduced with a human frame, with the collaboration of all the people present, symbolizing a project that is alive, dynamic and that needs everyone's participation to succeed.

This was a celebration of Lipor's Energy, our energy, Energia L.

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