23 Mar

Lipor Municipalities are part of a Pilot Project to increase the rate of Glass Recycling

More Glass, More Recycling #Horecafazpartedasolução

On March 22, took place the presentation event of the Mais Vidro, Mais Reciclagem #Horecafazpartedasolução (More Glass, More Recycling #Horecaispartofthesolution) project, promoted by Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV) and the Association of Glass Packaging Industries (AIVE).

Espinho, Gondomar, Matosinhos and Porto are part of the list of municipalities covered by the implementation of this pilot project, having been installed in these four municipalities 28 glass containers (vidrões).

The pilot will last for 18 months, after which it will be evaluated and extended to more areas of the country.

This project is the result of the challenge launched to the HORECA channel to increase the glass recycling rate and includes the installation of 270 glass containers with an innovative system to enable assisted transhipment and the delivery of special containers to 1500 establishments to facilitate the deposition of glass packaging. This way, the manual process of placing the packages one by one is replaced, which makes the separation faster and more efficient. The objective is to contribute to increasing the recycling rate of this material in Portugal.

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