17 Mar

LIPOR presents Corim's programme for 2023

Exhibitions, markets, workshops and other initiatives bring LIPOR's Sustainability Hub to life

Casa do Corim, currently under LIPOR's management, is developing an annual programme of activities for 2023 based on five thematics. This program, which began in February, with the exhibition of Joel Fagundo's Venice masks, under the theme "Other Carnivals", will end in December with "It's Christmas at Corim".

Also supported by the themes "A Thousand Springs", "It's Summer at Corim" and "Corim with Art", exhibitions will be held at the House, a monthly market of biological produce, handicraft and sustainable items will be hosted in its gardens and a swap market besides workshops and gatherings on various themes. 

Other activities will allow the discussion and observation of culture with activities such as art exhibitions, literature, gastronomy, theatre, music, dance, lectures, cinema, fashion, sculpture.

All of this, also involving different partners!

All activities are specially designed to promote and share knowledge through Sustainability and involvement with the Community, allowing us to experience Casa do Corim with activities to conserve collective memories, protect the environment and promote biodiversity.

These initiatives will strengthen our purpose of disseminating local and regional heritage, cultural and artistic, transforming Casa do Corim into a Sustainability Hub.

Get to know Casa do Corim and the 2023 Programming (page in Portuguese).

Stay tuned!

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