09 Nov 2021

LIPOR reaches all goals defined in PERSU 2020

LIPOR, the Intermunicipalized Urban Waste Management Service of Greater Porto, was one of the two Urban Waste Management Systems (SGRU), in a universe of 23 entities, that fulfilled the national targets set by PERSU (Strategic Plan for Solid Waste Urban Waste) for 2020, according to the Annual Report on Urban Waste 2020, released by the Portuguese Environment Agency.

PERSU2020 defined as national targets a value of 35% (by weight) for the preparation of urban waste for reuse and recycling; 10% deposition of biodegradable urban waste in landfills; 54 Kg per inhabitant of selective collection. For each of these items, LIPOR achieved performances of 36%, 2% and 58 Kg per inhabitant, respectively.

The criteria on the performance of the SGRU depended on two objectives: increasing the waste deviation from landfill and increasing the quantity of waste to be sent for recycling, which was based on investments in increasing the efficiency of facilities already in operation and in optimization of processes.

A special note, in this summary of results, for the performance of LIPOR - only 2% (by weight) deposition of municipal waste disposal in landfills achieved, in a total of more than 523 thousand tons of municipal waste produced by around 1 million inhabitants living in the 8 municipalities associated with LIPOR (Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde).

Likewise, regarding increasing the quantity of waste to be sent for recycling, LIPOR met the target defined in PERSU, with a value of 36% (by weight) in preparation for reuse and recycling, when the defined target was 35 %.

Finally, the materials selectively collected, established by PERSU as a target of 54 kg per inhabitant, with LIPOR, according to the Annual Report on Urban Waste, having managed to surpass this target and reached 58 kg per inhabitant.

The 2020 Annual Municipal Waste Report also reveals that there was, at national level, the non-compliance with the target of diversion of Biodegradable Urban Waste (RUB) from landfill, stipulated in article 5 of the Landfill Directive, transposed into national legislation through the article 8 of Decree-Law No. 183/2009, of 10 August, and considering the 4-year derogation granted to Portugal.

This legal goal determined a 35% reduction in the total amount of RUB deposited in landfills compared to the total quantities produced in 1995. According to RARU2020, from 2017 onwards, the downward trend changed, with the increase in the amount of RUB deposited in landfill, and in 2020, the value is situated at 53% when compared to 1995 values.

Additionally, the goal of a minimum global increase to 50% by weight regarding preparation for the reuse and recycling of urban waste for the year 2020 was not achieved, with a substantial decrease in the fraction prepared for reuse and recycling, reaching only 38%.

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