02 Aug

MAR Shopping Matosinhos joins LIPOR and MatosinhosHabit

"Operação Tampinhas” Arrives at Mar Shopping Matosinhos to Transform Plastic into Equipment for those who needs it most

  • LIPOR has been organizing "Operação Tampinhas” (Operation Bottle Caps) since 2006, having already collected and treated 847 tonnes of caps and distributed more than 1,650 different equipment to almost 600 institutions, totalling more than half a million euros

Matosinhos, August 2, 2021

The solidarity initiative "O Tampinhas”, by MatosinhosHabit, carried out in partnership with LIPOR and integrated in the 17th edition of "Operação Tampinhas”, arrives this summer at MAR Shopping Matosinhos. Throughout August, visitors will find in the Atrium (floor 0) five structures where they can return plastic bottle caps (bottles of water, juice, etc.). The goal is to recycle this material and use the gathered value to donate medical, orthopaedic or similar equipment.

It was in 2006 that LIPOR launched "Operação Tampinhas” (Operation Bottle Caps). By the end of last year, 847 tons of caps had been collected and treated and more than 1,650 different equipment had been distributed to almost 600 institutions, totalling more than half a million euros. About two years ago, MatosinhosHabit, a solidary housing municipal company, joined LIPOR in the campaign "O Tampinhas”, a partnership that the two entities maintain today.

For MAR Shopping Matosinhos it makes perfect sense to join the initiative. "The action is part of our sustainability policy which, on the one hand, aims to inspire and help people to have a more sustainable and healthier life and, on the other hand, has the mission of supporting our surrounding community. This project combines our commitments to the Planet and with People, so we are happy to contribute so that more beneficiaries have access to equipment that otherwise would be difficulty to get, and at the same time we help that tonnes of plastic materials can be recycled,” explains Sandra Monteiro, general director of MAR Shopping Matosinhos.

Tiago Maia, administrator of MatosinhosHabit, explains that "Social and Environmental Responsibility is part of MatosinhosHabit's policy, so we will continue to support and participate in these initiatives, together with the local community, promoting social inclusion and a healthier environment.”

Until August 31st, MAR Shopping Matosinhos visitors will be invited to contribute to this initiative that has already helped hundreds of people. The first to do so were the Volunteer Firefighters of Matosinhos-Leça, who have already donated a significant number of caps to the initiative.

This action is part of the 17th phase of LIPOR's initiative, which runs throughout 2021. At the end of it, the list of people and entities that will benefit from the medical equipment will be published, in accordance with the regulations of the "Operação Tampinhas” (Operation Bottle Caps). To apply, you must fill in the form available on LIPOR's website.

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