11 Jan

Mobile Drop-off sites are circulating in your municipality!

We all have at home many types of waste that we accumulate, or because we cannot deliver to the Ecobin or because it isn´t convenient for us to go to the Drop-off sites. So, frequently, they end up in the garbage without the possibility of generating a new life.

LIPOR, in partnership with the eight Associated Municipalities, created an innovative solution. At the beginning of 2021, the Mobile Drop-off sites will move around in all municipalities, allowing citizens to deposit them in for recycling: CD’s and DVD’s, Small Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Packaging and cans with product residues (varnish, paint, solvents, cleaning products), Led and Fluorescent Lamps, Non-packaging paper (newspapers, magazines, books and sheets), Batteries, Cartridges and Toners, Cork stoppers.

You can check the schedules to know when and where you can find the Mobile Drop-off sites through the Municipality website.

In this new project, LIPOR and their municipalities aim to make recycling more and more accessible to all, so that we continue to move towards an Circular Economy.

Supported by European Union Funds

Project backed by the POSEUR-03-1911-FC-000181 notice with the main objective of protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency.
This project aims to collect hazardous and other recoverable domestic waste, through the placement of mobile proximity equipment, in each of the LIPOR Associated Municipalities.
The dynamics of the project consists on the permanence, during a determined period of time, of the equipment in different zones of the Municipalities, thus allowing to cover the maximum population served by this equipment, as well as to collect the largest number of recyclable urban waste.
The operation includes the acquisition of mobile drop-off sites and eco-modules, an electric vehicle and the implementation of an information and awareness campaign.

Download: Press Release (409.66 KB)
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