06 Oct 2020

New investment of approximately 3.8 million euros for the collection of biowaste

LIPOR has just opened an International Public Tender for the purchase of nine heavy vehicles, for the selective collection of biowaste, powered by natural gas. The planned investment is 1.2 million euros, with the vehicles being distributed by its Associated Municipalities.

Investments of around 2.6 million euros are also being carried out, also intended to LIPOR's Associated Municipalities for the provision of various types of deposition and collection containers, "compartments” for housing containers, monitoring equipment to promote and optimize collections and, at the same time for the promotion of Awareness Campaigns - all this to ease separation and increase the convenience of Citizens in the separation and delivery of biowaste.

This investment, which totals 3.8 million euros, is co-financed by Community Funds (POSEUR), thus continuing the joint effort of Municipalities and LIPOR of reaching the national and European Union Objectives and Goals regarding the good management of biowaste produced in the Region.

Based on the strategies outlined for door-to-door collection in the Greater Porto region, the investment currently underway will achieve the defined objective of serving 131,338 homes/businesses with this type of collection by the end of 2021.

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Composting Plant, a strong bet to boost biowaste valorization.

2020 year of celebrating excellence!

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