09 Aug

“Reuse Changes Everything”! This is LIPOR's new campaign.

Reusing is much more than using again. It's changing the way we look at what we have. Reusing is changing our way of thinking. And above all to act. It's changing the perception we have of the materials used, valuing them, giving them a new life.
Changing our daily lives, society, the environment, the entire planet. "Reuse Changes Everything”!

This campaign, part of the "Reuse Communities” Program, intends to generate a change in mentalities, raising awareness that the materials used must be valued, making the reuse of waste a practice for everyone. We want this practice to be reflected in the various aspects of materials, such as: clothing and footwear, small appliances, and furniture. We want to empower citizens so that, through the Reuse Communities, they have real collaboration, exchange & sharing, recovery, and donation solutions.

Today we are all aware of the urgent need to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are impacted daily with news related to climate change and the real consequences that excess consumption has on the world we live in. We've all already made changes in our lives and most of us have a real concern about our own footprint and impact.

What probably many are not aware of is that everything we are doing is still very little compared to the needs that exist. Small changes are not enough. It is necessary to change mindsets, lifestyles, and our own way of thinking about the sustainability of the planet.

Today, we quickly tire of things. We always want to be the first to have the latest models and novelties... We get rid of what we no longer like and everything we no longer use so much. This way of living does not fit in with what we all stand for: a more sustainable lifestyle.

The "Reuse Communities” Programme, funded by the Environmental Fund, within the scope of the Notice "Environmental Education + Transversal + Open + Participated 2022", seeks to create and streamline circular, sustainable and supportive communities, promoting the perception of the value of reuse and the extension of useful life of materials, sharing knowledge and tools with those who are already ready for this change, stimulating, at the same time, those who have not yet woken up to this urgent need.

Within the scope of this Program, a "REUSE+SOCIAL” study is being developed, which is aimed at all local entities and projects of the Associated Municipalities that actively contribute to the reuse of non-food goods and allows identifying needs, collaboration mechanisms, exchange&sharing, recovery, and donation that support the development of a network that promotes the extension of the useful life of goods, reducing waste and waste production.

To support the program, in addition to the communication and awareness campaign "Reuse Changes Everything”, education, training and volunteering actions will be promoted, which will contribute to a real change in behaviour.

And because we believe that Talk Changes Everything, on October 3rd, join the Reuse Talk, where we will share the results of the "Reuse Communities” project, as well as ideas and good practices for reusing used goods.

Join the Reuse Communities. And let's make the reuse of waste a practice for everyone. In clothing and footwear, furniture, and small appliances and much more!

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