17 May

Selective door-to-door collection arrives in Antas and covers more than 800 families

Porto, May 17, 2022

  • The project already covers more than 2 thousand adherents in the city
  • The initiative will also be extended to the current door-to-door collection area, covering a total of around 1100 new families
  • In 2021, the door-to-door project collected 1,345 tons of municipal waste, with a separation rate of 60%
As of next week, Porto will have the expansion of door-to-door selective waste collection, which will involve 800 families in the Antas area, through a project operated by the municipal company Porto Ambiente, in collaboration with Lipor, and funded by POSEUR.

Residents of each of the dwellings covered will receive, for this purpose, containers for dedicated collection (paper/cardboard, plastic/metal, glass, organic and undifferentiated) and, in parallel, an awareness and information action on the correct separation will take place. of waste, periodicity of collections, and more adequate procedures for disposal.

Alongside this expansion in the Antas area, there will also be growth in the current intervention area of ​​the project, which started in July 2018, with the inclusion of about 300 new families that will be covered by this project.

It is recalled that this initiative, launched in July 2018, was implemented in the areas of the Parish Unions of Lordelo do Ouro and Massarelos, Aldoar, Foz do Douro and Nevogilde, and in Ramalde, and currently covers a total of more than 2 thousand participating families, which allowed, in 2021 alone, to collect more than 1300 tons of urban waste, with a separation rate of 60%.

This expansion is part of Porto Ambiente's strategy to adapt the collection to the different specificities of the city's residential areas, investing in the reinforcement of proximity equipment, making the correct disposal of waste easily accessible to all citizens. In areas of single-family houses, due to their characteristics, a door-to-door collection system is implemented.

Alongside this diversification in terms of collection and, in addition, Porto Ambiente extended the collection of bio-waste to the city in general through the Organic project which, in just one year, reached more than 26,500 families and allowed the collection of more than a thousand tons, allowing its valorization in an organic compound.

By extending the selective collection project to around a thousand families in Porto, Porto Ambiente reinforces its commitment to promoting the circular economy, with a view to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality in the city, in line with the challenges of the Porto Pact. for the climate, which the municipal company recently signed up to.

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