14 Sep

Valongo extends door-to-door selective collection to the parishes of Campo and Sobrado reaching around 2,000 households

Valongo, September 14, 2023:

Awareness-raising and registration of the residents of around 2,000 households in the parishes of Campo and Sobrado has been underway since September 11.

It is essential to motivate citizens to participate more in recycling. For this reason, and because each material has its place, each home has been given a container for each material: paper and cardboard, plastic and metal packaging, glass and food. For waste that can't be recycled, a mixed waste container is also delivered.

At the moment, around 13,864 households in Valongo are already covered by door-to-door collection, contributing to environmental sustainability by increasing the amount of materials delivered for recycling. By 2024, the municipality plans to have full coverage of door-to-door collection.

Recycling is Giving Even More to the Environment and the Community!

This project is funded by POSEUR-03-1911-FC-000253 and POSEUR-03-1911-FC-000196.

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