13 Jul

Valongo Municipality and LIPOR deliver “Coração Verde” Certificate to Ermesinde Parish Council

The "Coração Verde” (Green Heart) Certificate was delivered in the presence of the two entities that are promoting the project, with the Parish Council of Ermesinde being the first Local Government Institution to be recognized by the Municipality of Valongo and by LIPOR with the "Coração Verde” Certificate.

In 2019, with the launch of the Generation+ Local Project, the Parish Council of Ermesinde embraced the challenge, in partnership with the City Council of Valongo and LIPOR, to contribute to a more sustainable future for its inhabitants.

For the success of the project, it was essential to spread its importance through the community and the living forces of the Parish, as well as involving different partners, aligning them, and promoting an environment of strategic cooperation, around a common goal – Making the Parish of Ermesinde a Green Heart.

This recognition is the result of the optimization of environmental management processes and the acquisition and maintenance of good environmental practices. In addition to the work developed by the Technical Team of LIPOR and the Parish Council, the involvement of the Valongo City Council was essential and largely contributed to the results achieved, and which are now recognized.

Promotion of training and awareness actions aimed at J.F. Ermesinde employees and the Local Community;
Conducting Participatory Workshops and Environmental Forums with local associations;
Promotion of homemade composting, with the promotion of Composting Training Sessions and the reactivation of unused composters;
Identification of a network of contacts with key partners for the development of the project (Bewater, Centro Social Ermesinde, CMV, GRIN, ERP, Academia LIPOR, AdePorto);
Replacement of various waste collection equipment and optimization of recyclable waste collection areas/points (Parish Council facilities, Cemeteries and Municipal Market);
Promotion/Transformation of green areas/public gardens into "Natural Gardens" and/or "Sustainable Green Areas”;
Participation in the European Week for Waste Reduction (collaboration in the initiatives "No cigarette butts Street” and "No junk mail Street”);
Promotion of reuse and repair and promotion of prevention initiatives of waste, food waste and marine litter;
Optimization of Environmental Management processes in all Parish Council Management buildings.

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