Collection Machine

Recycle to Win!

We encourage citizens to deliver their waste, significantly increasing the levels of selective collection and recycling of packaging waste.

We aim to create a system of shared responsibility for the separation of recyclable packaging waste, by developing a loyalty program that will, in an innovative way, provide a methodology of recognition and involvement of the citizens in the multimaterial recycling process.

This recognition is based on the attribution of benefits to everyone that voluntarily delivers their materials to the system, allowing the accumulation of points that can be exchanged for discount vouchers for local products and services, for example.
The following materials are accepted: Tetra Pak (juice or milk cartons), PET (Water or soft drink bottles), HDPE (Liquid yogurt packaging), Aluminum and Steel Packaging (soda or food cans), Glass Bottles (water, juice, wine).
This solution is innovative in Portugal since all the other implemented solutions so far are used for single material products, that is only for glass, only for PET or metal packaging.

Within the scope of the project a database for quantitative analysis, according to the type of material, will be created. Based on the data collected, a behavioral study will be carried out with an analysis of the following three aspects: citizen behavior in relation to economic incentive; consumer behavior in relation to packaging existing in the market; and analysis of potential new consumption trends.
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