Hectare Programme, in collaboration with “FUTURO”

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LIPOR has had a special participation in "FUTURO” – 100,000 trees project in Porto metropolitan area, involving themselves actively in the project.

As a result of this involvement, in order to broaden its cooperation in "FUTURO”, and framed in its Biodiversity Strategy, LIPOR is developing what we call "Hectare Programme".

This project has as main objective the "sponsorship" of urban forest areas staged, public management, at LIPOR 8 municipalities (Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde), as well as close areas to its facilities (LIPOR I and II).

At the same time, we support with several materials essential to the production of about 40,000 trees (the "FUTURO” goal for 2015/5016 sowing), including growing trays, special blend forest substrate Siro 082 and the Nutrimais compound.

It was also built, at LIPOR premises, a host platform of "FUTURO” trees. This site aims to be central and easy access to the receiving State nurseries trees and batch delivery respective to each municipality.

At the same time, LIPOR is participating in another project, called "FUTURO network schools" which aims to integrate a network schools with valid and relevant projects in this area, who are already in progress or waiting for a little incentive, such as training, information, resources (seeds and trees) and appreciation of the work done in order to create , maintain and promote the urban native forests of the region.

LIPOR role in this project is welcome and provide different training actions on the subject, as well as support with materials required for the production of trees (compound and substrate).

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