Biodiversity Strategy

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  • The scope

LIPOR intends to meet the impact of its activities on biodiversity and develop mitigation strategies and/or actions with a view to offsetting these impacts.

  • The Goals

LIPOR goals are:

  • Develop a biodiversity strategy in business context;
  • To increase rational and optimized biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • Promote environmental quality and well-being of the surrounding community;
  • Contribute to the implementation of social and environmental responsibility of companies;

The pursuits of the goals are based on the following methodological strategies:

1) To sensitize and inform people to the need for protection of biodiversity;

2) Creating public awareness for citizens to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors;

3) Mobilize the business sector for integration of biodiversity in the management of their activities;

4) Synergies of cooperation between the business sector and research institutes;

5) Promote the sustainability of natural resources at regional, national and global.

  • Commitment Declaration

LIPOR is committed publicly to develop a Biodiversity Strategy, expressed in the Declaration of commitment taken by the top management of the company.

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