Climate Transition

The evolution and worsening of climate change have made evident a truth that has long been known to contemporary societies: economic development is of no use if it is not accompanied by respect for our planet.

Well aware of this challenge, the Climate Transition dimension of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) is another valuable tool to serve the country on this path towards a prosperous and fair economy, but that does not forget the importance of sustainability and balance with the environment.

Thus, the Climate Transition dimension was identified as an investment priority for Portugal, for the recovery of the economy, constituting one of the three structuring dimensions of the RRP which, in turn, comprise 20 investment components.

In the case of the Climate Transition, the components are as follows:
  • C10. Ocean;
  • C11. Decarbonisation of Industry;
  • C12. Sustainable Bioeconomy;
  • C13. Energy Efficiency of Buildings;
  • C14. Hydrogen and Renewables;
  • C15.Sustainable Mobility.

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