Composting Plant

We Collect, Recycle and Return what came from the Earth to the Earth.

In the Composting Plant, located in Baguim do Monte, we have the capacity to process 60 thousand tonnes/year of waste (food waste and green waste) from selective collection. The Plant uses the tunnel composting process, producing around 13 thousand tonnes/year of high quality organic compost, NUTRIMAIS.

One of the most relevant characteristics of this Plant is the careful selection of the bio-waste accepted in the composting process, which directly influences the quality of the compost produced. The bio-waste processed in the Plant comes from the following selective collection circuits:
  • Door-to-Door Residential Selective Collection (Household food waste);
  • Door-to-Door Non-Residential Selective Collection (Food waste from restaurants and similar);
  • Other dedicated Selective Collection circuits (Food waste from different sources, including markets and fairs, festivities, pilgrimages, events, etc.);
  • Selective Collection of Green Waste (door-to-door, local and drop-off sites;
  • Selective Collection of Green Cemetery Waste.
The purity of the bio-waste collected (absence of contaminants) is a fundamental aspect for the feasibility and success of the entire project.



The Composting Plant has two support facilities:
  • Green Park, where all the green waste (grass, pruning, branches, etc.) is sent to and preselected;
  • Sorting Plant for Green Cemetery Waste, where a team of 6 Employees carefully sorts the green waste collected from cemeteries.
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Environmental Monitoring

The entire process designed in the Composting Plant intends to respond to two fundamental premises: on the one hand a great quality of the product; and on the other hand, the integral treatment of odors reducing their impact outside the Central.

Here is a short summary of the environmental protection systems in place.
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