Door-to-Door Residential Collection

At your doorstep. Always.

To improve collection efficiency and materials quality we have designed a pilot project for Selective Door-to-Door Residential Collection. This refinement in collection and quality will, for sure, advance recycling efficiency and materials recovery.

With the motto "Reciclar é Dar +" (Recycling is Giving+), this selective collection scheme is based on a positive approach to people with a proactive door-to-door contact. This specific municipal waste collection system presents both individual (functional and financial) and social benefits: proximity, comfort, sustainability and solidarity.
The Door-to-Door Residential Collection allows a better selection and recycling, preventing biodegradable or recyclable waste from ending up in landfills.
  • We deliver recycling equipment for free (paper and cardboard; plastic and metal packaging; glass; biowaste; and mixed waste);
  • We monitor and answer questions door-to-door;
  • We implement a system to encourage recycling.
This project also includes the purchase of two natural gas vehicles, which are the first in a fleet that, in the future, will favor this type of fuel as it has a lower impact on the environment.

This project, which will help to reach LIPOR recycling goals, is also more supportive because it helps Social Causes. After all, Recycling is Giving+.

To find out more about this service go to (webpage in portuguese).

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