Urban Kitchen Gardens Project

We are for green spaces.

In July 2003, we launched the Urban Kitchen Garden project, with the aim of coordinating the availability of various local entities into a network which enabled a strategy to be devised for the Region of Greater Porto, which addressed home composting, promoting organic farming, and creating kitchen gardens.
With this initiative, we have created dynamic and useful green spaces, promoting biodiversity and good agricultural practices. Additionally, we have improved the environment in several local, urban communities, through practices such as home composting and organic farming. We take pride in promoting contact with nature and improving the quality of life for citizens.

We've come up with these spaces in order to reduce waste production and to implement practices that improve the quality of our soil. By offering free plots in urban gardens, we provide the opportunity to produce fresh, tasty and authentic food to citizens and families, respecting the natural life cycles (according to the principles of organic farming) and also recovering their biowaste locally.
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