Climate Change

Climate Change, is it URGENT?

More climate: the climate is changing! We know that Climate Change is a priority issue of the 21st Century and that occupies, today and increasingly, a leading role in the political agenda, in the business sphere and in society.

It is urgent to be aware that:
  • Even by reducing GHG emissions, climate change and its negative effects will perpetuate for decades;
  • Europe will be one of the most affected areas by climate change, and Portugal is among the most vulnerable areas in Europe, associated with a scenario of heat and drought;
  • In terms of GHG emissions, the national trend is downward - but the Northern region will continue to be among the highest priorities in the country.
So... it's up to us!

We have defined our climate change adaptation strategy with the goal of leading and contributing to the design of regional and sectoral level strategies.
Currently, we are developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan, in 5 operational sectors, taking into account the extreme events flagged as high risk: extreme precipitation, strong winds, heat waves and drought.

With this plan, we intend to:
  • Create adaptive capacity;
  • Increase resilience;
  • Raise awareness and involve the sector.
And, thus, creating communities resilient to climate change: adapted to the present, and prepared for the future!

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