Used Cooking Oil

We give your used cooking oil a second life.

So, we implemented a supra-municipal Network for the Selective Collection of Used Cooking Oils (UCO) within our intervention area. This project is the result of a partnership between LIPOR, the municipalities and EGI – Waste Management. EGI is responsible for the collection and recovery of used cooking oils, as well as for the maintenance and cleaning of the "oleões" - containers for the disposal of used cooking oils.
Thinking about recycling and the correct Used Cooking Oil management we developed this strategy. What is intended is:
  • Supply Municipalities with adequate equipment ("oleões" or oil bins) for the disposal of UCO;
  • Involve partners in the correct disposal of this waste;
  • Sensitize the population to the adoption of best practices in the management of UCO;
  • Demonstrate the advantages of recycling UCO, particularly in the production of biodiesel, which enables improvements in terms of environmental impact;
  • Ensure a proper final destination of UCO;
  • Contribute towards achieving the objectives of the national energy policy and to reduce GHG emissions.

Give your Used Cooking Oil a second life!
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