We repair to extend lifespan.

We're against disposability and are responsible for managing approximately 1,000 tons of waste electric and electronic equipment every year. This is a growing problem, with around 50 million tons of electric and electronic waste (e-waste) being produced annually worldwide, but only 20% of it being formally recycled.

If nothing is done, the amount of waste will double by 2050!

That's why we've developed the CREW network (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Recovery Plants) together with the European Recycling Platform (ERP), which function as training venues to promote the recovery of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Our goal is to give a second life to the equipment that previously would've been disposed of, involving the community and enabling them to use this new WEEE recovery and reuse solution.

Our action:

Repair Café Initiative

This initiative relies on volunteers, who have skills and a passion for repairing, to help the community start repairing their own household appliances, such as IT and electronic appliances, bikes, and so on.
Sometimes a small repair, adjustment or tweak is enough for your objects to come back to life!
Repair Café promotes a Circular Economy, providing citizens with the skills needed for small repairs, extending the product life cycle and preventing the constant extraction of natural raw materials.
Would you like to get involved with this initiative?

Do you enjoy, and have the knack for repairing?
Join the next Repair Cafés as a volunteer and share your knowledge with the community by filling out this form.

Would you like to recreate this event at your company, organization, parish, school or university?
Consult the regulation and promote your own Repair Café!
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