LIPOR Waste Observatory

We inform better so we can recover more.

We believe that accurate information is key for defining the quantities received in the systems, thus promoting an effective Waste Management.

That's why we created the LIPOR Observatory, a Portal with up-to-date and reliable statistical information on the management and treatment of municipal waste, recyclable and undifferentiated waste, and also prevented CO2 emissions in our area of operation.
Communicating, controlling and monitoring the operational indicators are the major goals of the LIPOR Observatory.
Since 2019 we have dedicated a new area to reporting Reduction and Reuse indicators for multimaterial waste, which involves materials at the end of their life: paper; cardboard; plastic; glass; metal; scrap metal; wood; electric and electronic materials; tires; as well as composite materials such as toys, for example.

This data refers to these types of materials that were reused, through projects developed or provided by LIPOR, with support, to entities that reuse them, prolonging their lifetime. This new area dedicated specifically to multimaterial waste complements the area dedicated to reporting organic waste indicators, which was launched in 2018.

Visit the LIPOR Observatory (in Portuguese).

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