We change the world when we look
beyond whom we are.
We look around, always.
We look ahead, now.

We've got more than an ambition,
a mission or a vision.
We undertake a commitment
and make it our choice.
Day after day, year after year,
for life.

We believe that transforming
is more than just recycling.
It's taking action and preventing.
Reusing and raising awareness.
Recovering and carrying on.
A full-time job
that chooses no time nor place. 

We bring about many changes
and inspire others to change.
We are not alone.
We help communities
that think like us evolve. 

We know that investing in the future
is more than a trend:
It is a matter of essence.
It's imagining, fulfilling,

We shape each idea
and boost each initiative.
We add value to tomorrow. 

For us, making a difference
takes more than an occasional gesture.
It is the result of full dedication
to what we strongly believe in:
A sustainable lifestyle. 

The LIPOR lifestyle. 

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