Festivities and Celebrations

Your waste is the missing piece!

Come to the Party and recycle your waste!

With the idea that "Your waste could be the missing piece" we developed, together with our municipalities, an Awareness and Communication Campaign, within the project Festivities and Celebrations, firmly believing that putting all the pieces of this puzzle (the materials) in the correct bins will increase the quantities of materials recovered.

Therefore, in each event an Awareness Team will delivery separation equipment to the event premises and to commercial stands while, at the same time explain how to properly separate the materials.
This awareness effort is directed not only to visitors but also to workers and employees at the stands.
The Teams will work through all the event promoting personal contact with visitors, answering their questions and encourage them to contribute to the project.

When it's time to make the most of the party, we believe that each citizen is able to make a difference by separating their materials in the correct bin, not only to have a positive impact on the environment, but also to support a social cause of their municipality.

Have fun, delive your materials, help others!

With the selective collection service at Public Municipal Events and Festivities, we aim to create recycling habits and to improve the quantity of materials (plastic and metal packaging, paper and cardboard, and glass) arriving at our Sorting Plant in areas with a high potential of materials production.

We focus our action in Public Events such as festivities and celebrations, themed fairs, carnivals, etc., as well as academic, cultural and sporting events, since these events attract a large number of people.

We developed this project with the citizen in mind, allowing them to easily sort their waste in the correct recycling bins during the events. At the same time, through awareness initiatives during the events we encourage them to have the correct attitude with their waste. It is also aimed to businesses to encourage them to sort their waste as well, spreading the word when it comes to deliver the waste they produce to the correct ecobins available.
Since 2017, 130 tons of recyclable waste have been separately collected at festivities and celebrations, helping to support various charitable associations and institutions in each municipality with equipment and products.
At the same time, a part of the value of the material collected is distributed to a social cause. Depending on the amount of recyclable material received we attribute a benefit to a Social Causes that support the community of each municipality, promoting Circularity and Social Responsibility principles.
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