“Operação Tampinhas” (Operation Bottle Caps)

We share value with the community.

LIPOR promotes the project "Operation Tampinhas" (Bottle Caps Project) with the objective of exchange plastic caps by orhtopedic material.

We receive plastic caps from citizens, deliver them for recycling and the value obtained will be used to buy and donate medical equipment, orthopedic or similar. The bottle caps can be delivered by individuals or via the Municipal Services at LIPOR Facilities at Baguim do Monte.

This initiative began in April 2006 and donations from 15 phases have already been delivered. In the 15 phases 804 tons of caps have already been collected which resulted in the delivery of 1544 equipment benefiting 564 entities.

We have openned the 16th phase of the "Operation Tampinhas" project that will run through December 31st 2020. In the meantime, check the project regulation and submit your application.

The activities of LIPOR and Associated Municipalities are guided by a strategy and principles of sustainable development, in articulation with the Community Directives and National Strategies in matters of waste management, promoting an activity of public interest.

In this context and for the sole purposes of integration into the LIPOR database, I authorize the transfer of these data to the entity referred to and its treatment by the same, for the purpose of the purposes for which the registration is being carried out, taking into account the Associated Regulation the initiative.



"Operation Caps" is the response of LI to the Civil society movement, in which People separate the plastic caps of plastic bottles for liquid foods, delivering them to entities that can promote their sale, the recipe for the purchase of medical devices and equipment, or similar orthopedic and your donation to individuals or legal persons.
In addition to the logistics of collection and delivery of caps society green dot (SPV), it is necessary to regulate the distribution of the funds obtained from the sale.

2. the collection of BOTTLE CAPS
The collection of bottle caps and its delivery to the LI will be made by municipal services or by individuals wishing to do so, in our facilities of holmfirth (Gondomar), delivery against Receipt specifying the origin (or similar Institution), if possible a responsible for this delivery, and quantity by weight (where appropriate) and/or amount of
For weights of less than 20 kg cannot make the weigh-in, it is not possible to register the origin of delivery. In this case, the material will be recorded as Li.

The caps are required, preferably from food liquids (water, juice, etc.).
Are prohibited "jericans" covers, covers dangerous goods packaging, packaging which contained paints, varnishes, fat, etc.
The caps should be wrapped in transparent plastic bags or clean water bottles, packing or another accepted by LI.
4. delivery of MATERIAL to the SPV and CONTRAST
LIPOR will promote all the operations of preparation of cargo for shipment to the SPV, and as Conditions of Resumes (or specifications), investigating the value of each Contribution
The funds obtained will be applied in full in the acquisition and delivery entities (individuals or legal persons credible), orthopedic, medical equipment or the like.
The recipients of the donations will be individuals or entities of recognised merit, chosen by the Board of Directors of Li, among the suggestions (non-binding) that the people who deliver caps
indicate to the LI.
Individuals or entities that have already been dealt directly or indirectly with the equipment in any of the phases of the operation Caps will not be able to apply for this project.
Lipor does not accept that any delivery of caps is conditioned to directly benefit from any natural or legal entity as well as the amount of caps delivered is not directly associated with the delivery of certain kinds of equipment.
In cases where the type of equipment requested justification, you must obtain the recipient's donation of prescription for the supply of the same.
Prior to each decision of the Board of Directors, individuals or Legal entities, shall be subject to a simple evaluation of their merit and necessity of the device/equipment, the work
Department of education, communication and institutional relations (DECRI), who will contact those who consider relevant for that purpose,
Publishing after the reasons for choices.
The decisions of the Board of Directors of LI, there is no appeal. LIPOR shall always, individuals and institutions that collaborate in the campaign, the entire procedure of selection of beneficiaries.
6. delivery of the EQUIPMENT
Completed a load of "caps", promoted their sale value, determined, decided the beneficiaries and acquired the facilities and equipment to donate, the respective list shall be published,
notified applicants and beneficiaries and the public ceremony scheduled for delivery of the equipment and appliances/ou.
For this ceremony will be invited individuals and institutions that collaborated on the donation of Caps.
The delivery of equipment/apparatus will be made to beneficiaries, against acknowledgement of receipt, as well as the signing of commitment not to transfer, or diversion of the purposes for which the equipment/machine is intended.

All missing cases to this document shall be decided by the Board of Directors of LI, whose decisions won't fit feature.

Holmfirth, October 10, 2011

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