Recovery and Reuse Center

We believe that an object is waste only when we waste its potential!

At LIPOR's Recovery and Reuse Center we promote good practices in the reuse of materials and products, preventing waste and waste production and increasing Sustainability.

At the Center you can learn about and experiment with different ways to extend the useful life of products and learn to value used goods, apparently useless, but which can have a new life!

Reusing is saving! The Environment and your wallet. And it is also to be supportive!

The Recovery and Reuse Center includes an area dedicated to the repair of electrical and electronic equipment – CREW – and an area dedicated to promoting knowledge within the Community, where we offer training and awareness activities, with a strong practical nature, in the themes of reuse, repair and creative recovery of materials or upcycling.

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Do you know what Upcycling is? Join the trend!

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is a movement that is earning more and more importance and followers. It consists in the reuse of end-of-life objects and materials to create new products.

With upcycling, we reduce the amount of waste produced and prevent the production and purchase of new objects. Thus, natural resources are saved by reducing the use of new raw materials, we reduce pollution and also greenhouse gas emissions.

At LIPOR, we encourage Upcycling, either through internal good practices or by making end-of-life materials available to be used as raw materials, allowing for their artistic and creative recovery. We create areas dedicated to Upcycling at LIPOR facilities and, in addition, we promote training, an important vehicle for stimulating creativity, innovation and awareness of reuse good practices in the Community.

Do you want to be part of the Upcycling movement? Do you need end-of-life materials to be used as raw materials? Click here.

Where many might see waste, we see a resource!
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