Sustainability Agenda

We believe that by reducing and reviving waste, we are also contributing towards a new vision for the future.

The key assumptions of our actions, which are reflected in the Areas of our Sustainability Agenda, favor a close relationship with our Stakeholders, valuing People, being in harmony with the Planet, projecting Prosperity, and creating value for Partners.

At LIPOR we use the following Sustainability Principles as guidelines in our day-to-day tasks.

Promoting the organization's growth and development, creating intrinsic value for stakeholders:
  1. Providing employees with the ideal conditions for their professional and personal development, and contributing towards the community's development, fostering cultural and educational activities, promoting and supporting social initiatives.
  2. Protecting the environment, investing in cleaner processes and technologies, backing environmental renewal projects and raising awareness to adopt eco-friendly attitudes.
  3. Always working with the objective of maintaining the Organization's financial equilibrium, not forgetting LIPOR's responsibility towards the Community and its Employees.
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