Suggestions, Complaints, Compliments and Information Requests

LIPOR considers each compliment, suggestion or complaint an opportunity to improve the quality of our services/products, so we thank you in advance for your contact.

For suggestions and complaints, please fill in the following form (it is suggested to fill in a form for each issue):


The activities of LIPOR and Associated Municipalities are guided by a strategy and principles of sustainable development, in articulation with the Community Directives and National Strategies in matters of waste management, promoting an activity of public interest.

In this context and for the sole purposes of integration into the LIPOR database, I authorize the transfer of these data to the entity referred to and its treatment by the same, for the purpose of the purposes for which the registration is being carried out, taking into account the Associated Regulation the initiative.

To find out more about your rights regarding the processing of personal data carried out by LIPOR and how you can exercise them, see our privacy policy. Questions relating to Data Protection, including any requests to exercise your rights over your personal data, can be made via the email address Whenever necessary, you can contact our Personal Data Protection Officer, via email at: or by letter addressed to: LIPOR Data Protection Officer, Apartado 1510 – Baguim do Monte, PORTUGAL.

Furthermore, LIPOR, concerned about our partners, citizens and interested parties, also provides the following communication means:

Book of compliments

To recognize the quality of the service provided or the performance of employees, you can make your compliment in the Electronic Book of Compliments.

Complaints Book

You can leave your complaint directly in the Electronic Complaints Book:

Information request

For general information regarding matters within the competence of LIPOR, send your questions to the email

Alternative Dispute Resolution

LIPOR always endeavors to resolve disputes cordially, being guided by its operating restrictions in terms of logistics, and the safeguarding of the Organization's values. Nevertheless, in the event of dispute, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity for Consumption:

Porto Consumption and Arbitration Information Center
Phone.: (+351) 225 508 349 / (+351) 225 029 791 (cost of a call to the national landline, according to your phone plan)

For updates and more information, consult the Consumer Portal (under article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, of 8 September).

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