Innovation Management

We create value through innovation.

LIPOR is considered to be a Non-Business Entity of the Research and Innovation System (ENESII) by the ANI (National Innovation Agency).

The Research, Development and Innovation at LIPOR aims to promote and implement an Innovation Strategy throughout the entire organization, having designed an Innovation policy based on cross-sectional processes.
Thinking creatively, facing situations from different perspectives, finding new and effective solutions for different kinds of issues, redesigning processes, tackling new challenges creatively, and shifting paradigms are the drive and motivation for Innovation at LIPOR.
Innovation is a Strategic theme for LIPOR and it's how we create value. As a strategic pillar of the organization, its implementation is based on 3 different areas: Managing Innovation, Researching and Developing new products, and Innovation.

The main objective of this strategy is to promote a circular business approach and the creation of shared value. LIPOR's perspective for Innovation is long-term, which allows us to consolidate relationships with Stakeholders and to obtain results consistently.

 Certification in Innovation

Measurement is at the core of management, which is why we measure innovation and use various tools to do so, one of them being COTEC's Innovation Scoring. The certification that we hold by the NP4457 allows us to grow continuously, strengthening the implementation of the standard and using the management system as a tool that enhances innovation and adds value to the organization.

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