Innovation Management

For over a decade, LIPOR has held the title of the first public entity certified in Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), and today, only two others share this achievement with them.
Innovation as a catalyst for Value

Since 2012, our focus has been on researching, developing and implementing sustainable waste management solutions. We aim to explore the potential of waste and create innovative products and services that align with our mission.

We believe that innovation is crucial to achieve a sustainable business approach. This long-term vision helps us build strong relationships with our stakeholders, which ultimately leads to consistent and lasting results.

Recognized Innovation: making a difference in exploring new horizons

We are pleased to share two achievements demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation:

  1. We have been recognized as a "Non-Business Entity of the Research and Innovation System" by the National Innovation Agency (ANI), which inspires us to continue exploring new paths and creating pioneering solutions.
  2. We have also received the COTEC Innovative Status, which reinforces our commitment to implementing and disseminating innovative practices in all aspects of our activity.

An insight into Innovation Management

Innovation management at LIPOR goes beyond mere organizational structure; it is a culture embraced and nurtured by all employees. We believe innovation knows no bounds and should be accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere, encouraging all staff, from frontline to top management, to generate innovative ideas and share their unique perspectives.

Innovation management is an internal process to create an environment that fosters innovation. This approach is implemented through three key actions:

  1. Fostering a culture of innovation.
  2. Implementing innovation processes certified by NP4457 (a Portuguese standard for innovation management);
  3. Measuring the impact of innovation in terms of revenue, environmental benefits, and social benefits.

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