The Strategy

We promote Biodiversity by protecting ecosystems.

For LIPOR, a change in paradigm is key for creating new management trends. We work so that these trends for biodiversity and its ecosystem services are supported synergistically. In particular, we intend to discover the impacts of our activities on biodiversity, and to develop strategies and actions to minimize and/or counteract those impacts.
We consider that a biodiversity policy that presents clear advantages for sustainably managing resources and natural capital is essential, and should be complemented by sustainably managing our green spaces, and by disseminating information and training within the scope of preventing waste production and promoting more sustainable agricultural practices.
Declaration of Commitment

In this context, we have implemented a Biodiversity Strategy for the region of Greater Porto, which appears in various projects developed with strategic partners in several areas. We publicly commit to developing this Biodiversity Strategy, expressed in the Declaration of Commitment (document in Portuguese) assumed by our Boards of Directors.

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